You can’t fire him…Apu thought that shit was hilarious!

Posted on 11/30/2010


If you follow sports you know that there’s some controversy surrounding Auburn quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate, Cam Newton. According to ESPN, Newton’s father, a pastor, solicited $180,000 from Mississippi State when they were recruiting his son. Anyway, the NCAA is investigating.

Meanwhile, Auburn – which totally didn’t pay a dime to get Cam Newton to play for them…totally – visited arch rival Alabama last week. During Auburn’s pregame warm-up the dude in charge of music at the stadium played “Take the Money and Run” and “Son of a Preacher Man” over the loudspeakers. That dude was fired.

Apu couldn’t believe that the dude was fired. After all, he reasoned, what the dude did was hilarious. Finding Apu’s logic to be sound, I decided to send a letter to Alabama imploring them to reconsider their decision to fire that dude. The letter is copied below. I’ll update you on their response as soon as I receive it.

BTW, Apu doesn’t have cancer. Sometimes you just need to add a little something to make the letter pop, you know.

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